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Nearly all of you will know Blogspot provides many widgets for the users however you may not know which are great for your site. In this article I am going to supply you with the set of widgets which i think are best for your site. Maximum users using both Blogspot and WordPress think that Blogspot lacks in customization than WordPress but following widgets will allow you to make customizable professional blog using Blogspot.
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1. Disqus comments

Blogger post comments provide all of the functionality but when you need to have better commenting system then you need to try Disqus comments. You can insert it in Blogspot came from here.

2. Related posts

This blogger widget shows related posts below each post based on category/label. This may keep people on you blog longer time. If you're interested, you can get it from here.

3. Top posts

This widget ranks your site content by analyzing social engagement along with your blogger posts like user clicks, bookmarking and comments. It's going to give your readers know about your most engaging topics. Buy it out of this link.

4. Convey this translator button

Convey this translator button is the best method to increase international visitors to your site. It may translate your site prepared to a few different languages.

5. Share on Facebook

Social bookmarking is vital for each blog since it increases traffic to your site. Facebook is top social community website. This widget will behave as an expedient tool for the readers to share with you your posts on Facebook using their friends. If you love to improve people to you blog then obtain it from this level.

6. Share this

Unless you wish to limit your users to talk about your site content only on Facebook this widget is for you. This will help the future prospect to share with you your site content to many social bookmark creating services including Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumbleupon and more.

7. Flash animated label cloud

Within this widget your entire labels/categories could be presented in a flash animated label cloud. This can be useful to increase reader's focus on your categories list.

Widget for blogger